Good Morning


My beautiful granddaughter

It’s a beautiful sunny morning

The Lord is wonderfully amazing.

Thankful he has brought me out of certain places where I wasn’t meant to be.

And grateful for his compassion, grace and mercy which is new every morning.

In other news.  Been busy settling back into life. Had a time adjusting, thought about packing my bags and going back a few times but but…that was then, this is now…lol

And the house is quiet, only the sound of the stove blasting away.

My munchkins went on an Xmas trip.

As for this lady. I will decide where to venture for the holidays. See which invitation is more appealing.

Somethings need to be worked on and others are better left alone.

That’s my story.

8D818CB1-2327-4AB1-86CE-30B39E96BBC5and this is for you and you

Something to think about.

I ask the good Lord for forgiveness every day and yet I have unforgiveness in my heart for that one person.

Times a tickin…got so much stuff  do….decorate, shop for the supper, declutter and set up my rabbit snares…etc, etc…

Xmas is in the air.

with that said

Let’s all have an awesome day.

Good Morning

It’s a gorgeous day out there.

The Lord is awesome.

Slept in.

That was a long week.

Been spending time with my granddaughters. Awesome moments.

And then the feasting.


Looking forward to my day.

My agenda is full.

Thinking about going next door for the service too.

The lady who ministered to me and my then better half is hosting services.

Remembering  her words back when I started that journey.

I have to wonder about some things sometimes… when I touch down, that is ….LOL


In other news.

Major decisions need to be made, but giving it all to Him.

See where HE leads.

And a good day all.