In bed, listening to the raindrops.

A wonderful soothing sound.

A long day at the office today, must be the weather.

but regardless it was a good day.

Everything seems to have fallen into place.  Now I know what to do.  Sometimes one can’t look or turn back, but look forward to the future

Rest tomorrow and then it starts. A busy weekend and then heading out for a wkshp. next week.

A good night

Good Afternoon

On lunch.

Browsing and checking the mail.

Enjoyed my meal and went out on the deck.  Gorgeous view out there.

Enjoying my day.

Supper this evening with a couple of friends. Something I’m looking forward to…the company and the food…ahhh….I have to lay off the food…gained too many pounds already..

just a random post

Enjoy your day.

Be nice, be good, be happy, be awesome and be gorgeous.

No time for the pics.


Good Morning

Gorgeous morning over here.

Enjoying the java.

Slept in.


Enjoyed a visit with one of the beautiful women in my life.

A long drive but worth it.

Rest for a bit today…then head to a pow wow.


Enjoyed a barbeque steak before the drive back…awesome cook that one.


Found this fascinating

It was a nice week…Went on a cruise with the politicians…had to mingle, socialize and make small talk, be a social butterfly….go figure…a good experience…



On the top deck enjoying the scenery.  Lots of boats at the KBI.


The Captain


And last but not least…the MP…serenading moi….*joke*….giving a speech.


I love this pic…beauty from ashes…..it reminds me of what a woman of God had shared with me when I embarked on that journey….Held me in her arms and cried…I didn’t understand then….but now I have an idea….She told me to never forget my loving Lord, to always keep him at my side.  No matter what happened in my up-coming journey….It has been hard…so many tears…so much pain, emotionally, mentally and physically….so many questions as to why??????…I wanted to give up, but I’m so grateful for the people the good Lord sent into my life…but more importantly by HIS loving grace, tender mercy, compassion and healing love …..I made it through……I have learned to accept and not question why things have turned the way they did…..Thank you Lord.


Have an awesome day.

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IMG_0020 (2)

Stopped by a pow-wow on my way back from picking up one of my many children.  All of a sudden someone stands in front of me.  My very favorite cousin.


My winnings


Having supper and gazing at the other side of the border, longingly…lol.


I just love love these flowers….and waiting for my lunch date to finish up with the many meetings and checking my mail….enjoying the work day, but it is a tad chilly in here…air-conditioning going on full blast …It’s a good thing I brought my warm jacket and my lj’s….one of the joys of this age….Wellll…I am doing well, fine and dandy…. but I do miss my grand-daughter very very much today.

and how are you!!!!

my life





Ms. Nanokeesic


Good Morning

It’s a beautiful, gorgeous morning over here.

Slept in…enjoying the coffee and watching a children’s show….a fairy tale…

Drove in late last night….tiring.

Just rest and relax today…work on my tan…lol….

.maybe…but most probably not.

Next week training is on the agenda. Drive to the peg, if things go as planned.  But maybe not…I am tired…but then again it’s not my call.

Attended the Tbay information session last week….Words fail me…lol…..maybe I just need to expand my vocabulary……an eye-opener anyway

Attended a powwow this weekend too….bought some lovely earrings and other beadwork……getting spoiled….

Seen some familiar faces…always good…as I get homesick from time to time…lol…but not enough to want to go back…family’s back home but nothing else….


Enjoy your day and the weekend.

Don’t forget to say Thank you Lord.


Good Evening


Finally resting….

It’s been a busy weekend….on the go….just crash out when I get home…. exhausting but exciting….

Baseball was quite exciting too…..even tipped over in my chair once….just lay there, laughing…..

Sat out in the sun, soaking in the rays and getting a nice tan.

But sadly “Ten Little Indians” lost, but it was a good run…I must say I was quite impressed…considering he came out of retirement..

And on top of everything else….I won 2 tickets to a Blue Jays and Minnesota Twins game in Minneapolis and one night stay at Radisson….awesome possum…


 I must rest these beautiful eyes..

A busy day tomorrow….spend a few hours in the office and then I get to see my grandson….





Good Good Afternoon

Hello Knet

It’s been a long time….but not long enough…..eeeeeeee

How are you…I am fine….lol

It’s been a while since I visited this site….but somebody has to do it.

It’s been a busy enjoyable summer.

Spent quite a bit of time on the highway, but now taking time to relax and enjoy life on the home-front…for awhile……get rejuvenated and revitalized…..and then it all starts again…

Hoping to watch my best friend play ball with the younglings this weekend again….plays like a 20 year old…..dokan neen….lol…..or better yet….go fishing…hmmm…..

Watching tv, reading, going for walks, swinging on my porch swing lol……. and sitting out in the sun, enjoying the rays of the sun….getting all brown…tanning my long legs…lol


On lunch atm….taking a break from the job.

in other news….i do not know these things….just minding my own….less stressful…

just enjoying life

no pics for you to enjoy…

you shall find them on FB

maybe next time.

so now back to the grind….i need to earn my bread and butter….

so when all else is said and done……

be good, be true, be kind, be forgiving, be human, be loveable and be gorgeous……

no mundizz


Good Morning

Back in KI

Good morning, Knet.

A beautiful, somewhat chilly morning for these kookum bones.

But a wonderful day, a wondrous blessing to be granted another day.

Thankful for each day I have been given.  A blessing to open my eyes and embrace the beauty that surrounds me.  Thankful for my health which is being restored every day.

Thank you.

And spent the evening with my beautiful grand-daughter….A gorgeous, awesome and sweet baby girl.

What else to share.

It’s been a busy and hectic time for this beautiful lady…. but making sure I have time to enjoy life….



So sad but so true.  Thankful HE brought me out of that.  Without HIM I wouldn’t be around.  Thank you, Lord Jesus.


My prayer to the one that is able to restore and heal whatever is broken in my life.


Yes…We have to start saying NO to violence and NO to silence…It is not the way to live. NO ONE has the right to destroy your emotional and physical well-being. Time to say NO MORE.











a real man


An awesome day and beautiful blessings to you.

Good Morning

A beautiful morning.

Still in bed, might go back to sleep.

Enjoying the comforts.

Coffee in bed, reading the word.

Planning to spend time with my grandson, until my bestest friend is done.

Need to rejuvenate.

Finally realizing the extent of the damage, the devastation…..

But slowly getting better, and will someday fully recover.

Still have a long way to go, but baby steps.

But thanking the Good Lord He brought me this far, and for the people he has sent into my life to help and aid on my healing journey.

And for keeping me safe and sheltered during the storms.

and that’s my story…for today.

Have a blessed day.

Good Evening

Good Evening

Getting ready to rest.

Early to bed.

Long drive.

Not a happy camper.

A dozen places I’d rather be.

No casino, no movie, no date….lol.

My bestest friend is miles away in another province

It’s been awhile since I posted.

Nothing to share.