Good Morning

Back in KI

Good morning, Knet.

A beautiful, somewhat chilly morning for these kookum bones.

But a wonderful day, a wondrous blessing to be granted another day.

Thankful for each day I have been given.  A blessing to open my eyes and embrace the beauty that surrounds me.  Thankful for my health which is being restored every day.

Thank you.

And spent the evening with my beautiful grand-daughter….A gorgeous, awesome and sweet baby girl.

What else to share.

It’s been a busy and hectic time for this beautiful lady…. but making sure I have time to enjoy life….



So sad but so true.  Thankful HE brought me out of that.  Without HIM I wouldn’t be around.  Thank you, Lord Jesus.


My prayer to the one that is able to restore and heal whatever is broken in my life.


Yes…We have to start saying NO to violence and NO to silence…It is not the way to live. NO ONE has the right to destroy your emotional and physical well-being. Time to say NO MORE.











a real man


An awesome day and beautiful blessings to you.

Good Morning

A beautiful morning.

Still in bed, might go back to sleep.

Enjoying the comforts.

Coffee in bed, reading the word.

Planning to spend time with my grandson, until my bestest friend is done.

Need to rejuvenate.

Finally realizing the extent of the damage, the devastation…..

But slowly getting better, and will someday fully recover.

Still have a long way to go, but baby steps.

But thanking the Good Lord He brought me this far, and for the people he has sent into my life to help and aid on my healing journey.

And for keeping me safe and sheltered during the storms.

and that’s my story…for today.

Have a blessed day.

Good Evening

Good Evening

Getting ready to rest.

Early to bed.

Long drive.

Not a happy camper.

A dozen places I’d rather be.

No casino, no movie, no date….lol.

My bestest friend is miles away in another province

It’s been awhile since I posted.

Nothing to share.

Good Afternoon

Happy Birthday…neglected to post your birthday greeting by a few days.

Let’s see what the webmaster installed.


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