Good Evening

Good Evening

Who checks knet now!!


Relaxing after that.


Hope tomorrow is more enlightening.

I’m homesick.

But other than that.

I am amazed at all the things and all the people HE has brought into my life.

Everything is going well

except that  glitch from the doctors visit.

Another curve ball.

Anyway relax and read for the remainder of this chapter.

enjoy your awesome moments.

Good Good Afternoon

Hello my #1 nosey

and Happy New Year to all.

May the new year bring you beautiful blessings and all that you wish for and more.


It’s a beautiful day in lovely KI…a warm day.

It’s wonderful to take a break from the brutal cold once in awhile.


My gorgeous of them..


And I love this….this is what captivates me….lol….


And a bad habit….one of many….


And yes….a real man will recognize that he has no need for other women, what he has is priceless, rare, precious and fragile and will not do anything to jeopardize what he has been gifted with…


And this is something that jellybean struggles with….LOL


Curling….love this….


Miss this place sometimes…but I always knew I would have to leave someday..


And had time to play golf during my holidays…


And testing the waters…


So true…be true, be loving, be kind and be forgving….stand tall and stand true..


So many lessons learned from the one who I gave my life to….a brutal and almost a deadly part of my life’s journey….I came so far and yet I still have a long journey ahead……I just thank the good Lord He brought me out of that…


And here she is…enjoying the sandy beaches during my holidays….frolicking on the beaches.


This pics that caused a lot of grief for some……what the hair….I went on one of my first real vacation in this lifetime…

Praising the good Lord

And that will be all…..Something to entertain you with.

Have a marvelous day.

And don’t forget to say thank you.